Tyre Bales

Tyre Bales - Ideal Packaging Solution

Every day, a large amount of used car and truck tyres is removed. The disposal of used tyres is, therefore, a major problem throughout the world. The United Kingdom is a typical country in this case. PAS 108 aims to provide a specification for producing tyres bales that potential customers can produce a consistent and verifiable quality construction material. Therefore, PAS 108 bales are an ideal packaging solution for the production of PAS 108 pneumatic bales in the UK.

The Landfill Directive in the United Kingdom is an important engine for the recycling of used tyres. Therefore, all tyres, including car tyres, commercial tyres, motorcycles, aircraft and industrial tyres, are in this range. The compression of many bale tyres offers a number of ways to make good use of post-consumption tyres. PAS 108 works with the tyre reprocessing industry to provide a specification for the production of compact tyre bales of consistent and verifiable quality and size.

The general objective of this SAP is to provide a specification that can be adopted by suppliers for the production of tyre bales, so that potential customers are assured that they will obtain a construction material of consistent and verifiable quality. Therefore, the objective of this document is the production, handling, storage, transportation and placement of standardized tyre bales, whose dimensions and properties are described in this PAS.

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